Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for delivery prices, wondering how the electrics get hooked up, or unsure whether you need planning permission for your shepherds hut?

We’ve included some of the frequently asked questions people have around the practicalities of ordering, owning and using your shepherds hut below.

If you think of something we haven’t covered, or want to talk through ideas for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Send a message through the contact form below or give Dave and Sara a call on 01568 610 792 or 07505 001 460.

Shepherds huts frequently asked questions page

How much is delivery?

This depends on your location and access to your site, but delivery starts at £350 plus VAT.

Contact us with a postcode and details of access to your site for a quote.

How long will it take for you to build my hut?

For smaller huts without bathrooms and kitchens, it is likely to take around 8 weeks.

For the larger huts with kitchens, bathrooms and stoves etc, it is likely to take 12 weeks.

What are the payment terms?

As each hut is bespoke and made to order, we require a 60% deposit. We then request an additional 20% stage payment once your hut’s structure is complete with the first fix electrics/ utilities, but before the final fixtures, fittings and finishes are added. The remaining 20% is then due upon completion, before delivery takes place.

We welcome you to come and inspect your shepherds hut before making a stage payment and your final payment. We want to make sure you’re completely happy.

Do you offer finance?

We have partnered with a specialist equipment finance company who can offer finance options if you’re purchasing one of our shepherds huts for a business. These options include finance leasing and hire purchase.

We have more information about this on our Finance page.

Do you offer a guarantee

We offer a 12 month guarantee on the structure, utilities and fixtures we provide. If any issues arise, we will come out and make necessary repairs or adjustments during this time.

This does not include user or third party damage, or for anything that we have no control over once your shepherds hut is placed on your site. This would need to be covered under your own insurance.

Can I move my shepherds hut around?

Yes – to a degree. Our standard build shepherds huts come with a drawbar and turnplate so they can be moved short distances (not by road) and manoeuvred into position.

We can also build road-towable shepherds huts as a custom-build.

How do I connect the electric, water and waste pipe?

Our Merlin hut comes with 220V hook up – like you would have with a caravan. Just plug it in to a socket connected to your mains electricity and you’re ready to go.

For the larger huts such as the Peregrine, if you are running an electric hot water system, you will need a beefier set up for your electrics including armoured cable and a 40 amp breaker on your fuse board. Talk to us about your circumstances and we will advise on what you need to do to prepare your site.

For water and waste, you will need to run a water feed pipe to the hut, and a waste feed pipe leading to your waste drainage system. From there, you can easily connect to the pipework on the shepherds hut. Again, talk to us if you’d like help or advice on this.

Alternatively, we can supply totally off grid solutions for electric, water and waste.

Are you qualified to fit electrics and woodburning stoves?

Yes – our team includes a fully qualified and registered electrician, and we use a Gas Safe engineer as required, so you can rest assured your shepherds hut is safely fitted out by experienced professionals.

Do I need planning permission for a shepherds hut?

Like most people who aren’t planning experts and officials, we’re not keen to give a definitive answer on this one as it’s complicated and dependent on several factors around usage.

The only answer we are willing to offer here is to speak to your local council’s planning team.

This is whether you’re thinking about ordering a shepherds hut for your garden for home use (less likely to need consent but you should check), or for placing on your land for commercial use such as holiday accommodation (likely to need consent – you really do need to talk to the planning department).

Can you build my unusual request?

Wild swimmers shower block? Road towable farm shop? Scaffold board bed frame? Llama-shaped masthead?

Err… yep! If you can think it, we can build it.