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Costs and benefits of a shepherds hut home office

3 Nov 2023

If you’re looking for a new garden home office space, you may be considering various options including swanky garden pods and cabins, or maybe even an extension on the house. However, there are good reasons why a shepherds hut might be the perfect home office solution. And yes, we are a bit biased, but stick with us!

Cost of a shepherds hut compared to other home office solutions

One of the biggest advantages of a shepherds hut, certainly over a home extension, is of course the cost. Home extensions can be super expensive, costing upwards of £40,000. In addition, you can expect a huge amount of upheaval whilst an extension is being built. On the other hand, our shepherds huts come in well under £20,000 and turn up ready to go. It’s a massive saving, cuts out loads of hassle, and also helps you separate your home and work life much more easily.

Other solutions such as garden pods, fancy sheds and cabins will likely come in cheaper than extensions, and may even look cheaper than our shepherds huts, but often those lead prices miss some of the detail. Is it decorated? Is it heated and insulated? What work, time and expense do you need to consider in order to prepare the ground and utilities to take a big old cabin? Soon the extra costs start adding up.

Shepherds huts are ready to go with minimal fuss

Unlike other options, our Merlin shepherds huts come fully fitted and completely decorated, including wooden flooring, and painted in your choice of colours.

They are fully insulated and come with a quality ceramic radiator and/or a woodburner for cost effective heating that provides all year round use. And unlike most cabins and pods, they already come with plug and play electrics, so you don’t need to manage an electrician after your cabin or pod is erected – you just need a caravan hook up lead plugged into a standard socket and you’re ready to go.

A shepherds hut will require some kind of hardstanding under the wheels to spread the load, but does not need a massive concrete pad like a big old cabin. It can sit on compacted gravel, or flag stones, and these only really need to be under the wheels themselves. We can advise you more on this when you place an order.

Overall our lovely Merlin comes in way cheaper than an extension, starting at just over £18,000, and cheaper overall than many of the other garden home office solutions out there.

Shepherds hut garden room used as a home office

More flexible than other solutions – now and in the future

Another advantage of a shepherds hut is its flexibility. Home extensions and garden pods/cabins are permanent fixtures, which means that you can’t really change your mind down the road, you can’t sell them on if circumstances change, and you can’t take them with you if you move house.

Don’t get us wrong, moving a shepherds hut isn’t the easiest of jobs, but they are indeed mobile, and you can move them if you need to. This makes them a great option if you’re not sure what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going in the future.

Styles to suit a wide range of tastes and settings

The shepherds hut style does have a couple of constants. Unless there is some crazy idea out there that we haven’t stumbled over yet, each hut is likely to have that curved wriggly tin roof and will generally come on wheels. (Although we are always open to suggestions!) But other than that, there are lots of different style elements you can add both inside and out to truly make it your own.

On The Outside …

Our cladding finishes include featheredge, waney edge, painted or natural shiplap, and of course metal, which comes in all sorts of different colours. As such, we can make your shepherds hut look rustic and traditional using plenty of natural wood materials, or we can go for a more modern look with easy to care for UPVC or aluminium windows and doors, and sleek painted shiplap. Or anything in between. You decide and we will build it!

On the inside …

Inside, we will also decorate to your own taste including paint colours, flooring, and fixtures and fittings. Dave, alongside our joiner Lewis can also build bespoke furniture in addition as you require, which means your garden home office space can both function just as you need it to, as well as reflecting your personality and style tastes. You choose where you put your desk, your shelves, your lighting, your coffee machine.

So if you’re thinking about expanding or adding to your home or garden space to accommodate a home office, we may just have the perfect solution for you. Why don’t you come over and take a peek at our show hut to get an idea of style, space and size.

Give Sara a call on 01568 610 792 or send a Whatsapp to 07505 001 460.


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