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Create breathing space at home with a shepherds hut garden room

27 Oct 2023

Many of us felt our homes become noticeably ‘smaller’ over the pandemic, as we scrambled to work from home, home-school, or found adult returners stuck at home for prolonged periods.

Even though life has returned to a semblance of normality, many of us came out of that period reassessing how to organise and prioritise a sense of balance in our lives.

Enter the shepherds hut garden room!

Shepherds huts are a flexible, all season, insulated space away from the home providing a quiet and nature-connected space to regain that sense of privacy, and a break away from the general hubbub of daily life.

From a home office, reading room, yoga studio, hobby or crafting room, to guest accommodation, hi-tech man cave, games or music room, having that extra space to play with is invaluable to entertain, relax, focus on what we love to do, or just to claim a space of your very own away from the noise and bustle of a busy household.

Work from home? It’s the perfect garden office.

Of course, a significant percentage of the workforce never went back to the office full time, instead opting to continue working remotely or in a hybrid manner.

Despite the government push to get office staff to commute back into the workplace, the CBI and many major employers have found that staff working from home have often been more productive than in the office.

Beyond getting to grips with Zoom or Teams software, the real difficulties that many people working from home initially found was the lack of dedicated space or privacy from the rest of the household. Some workers also find it difficult to stop working and need to regain a sense of separation of work and private life.

Shepherds huts may look idyllically traditional on the outside, but we can pack them with all the shelving, storage, electric points, telephone lines and tv or monitor mountings you may need. We can even configure the office as a flexible space with built-in adaptations to become a meeting space with kitchenette and toilet facilities.

For clients looking to relocate their business, our huts can also be a practical and cost-effective studio or workshop for makers such as potters, jewellers, leather workers and artists. Electric hook-up and a water supply from your home will enable you to lock yourself in for the day and really make the most of your working space and privacy!

Key benefits of a shepherds hut garden room


Rather than turning your garden or plot into a building site adding stress to your lives, we design and build each hut to your specifications at our workshop and then deliver your finished bespoke hut ready to use immediately- fully finished with plug and play electrics.

No builders’ bums out in the back garden, muddy boots in the kitchen, managing multiple tradespeople’s tea and coffee requirements!

Exceptional value

By the time you start adding up the costs of alternative garden room solutions like big old sheds that appear cheaper at first glance – factoring in foundations, construction, insulation, flooring, decoration and electrics – you’ll find our shepherds huts are actually very cost effective and great value. Plus they’re built to last for years.

Future proof

But probably one of the biggest benefits of choosing a shepherds hut as your new garden room is if you decide to up sticks and move house in the future, it will either add value to your property if you leave it there, or you can take your lovely shepherds hut with you!

Claim your space!!

So if you desperately want to get out of the house, and claim your very own garden room, home office, mini-gym, workshop, music room, man-cave, she-shed, whatever your thing may be … give us a call on 01568 610 792, message Sara on Whatsapp – 07505 001 460 or send an email to


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